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Planning and making sure you are ready to board a flight is an anxiety inducing experience for many flight-goers. Beginning with what to pack, to the journey to the airport, to the myriad checkpoints within the airport, flight-goers ranging from casual to frequent flyers have several points during their journey where they require assistance. This mobile experience addresses those identified needs after a person has booked a flight ticket.

I worked on this mobile experience in the capacity of a UX Designer at Aertrip, an online travel portal.


BookMyShow, in early 2019, released a feature called the Movie Mode which inspired us to extrapolate a similar experience for flight-goers. It seemed to fit right into something like air travel that can be intimidating for a lot of users. The experience is designed to guide a user through a set a sequential tasks especially useful in the context of airports.

User Types

Opportunities in the user journeys varied primarily based on the frequency of travel of the user. The other factors that played into the design of the experience was whether the user was an international or a domestic traveller and the size of the group travelling or whether it was a solo traveller. The approach was to try and design for extremes but focus on a first-time flyer for this iteration.

User Journeys

Realising user types and analysing journeys took place somewhat simultaneously in the process.

The user journey was divided into 7 phases.

7 phases of the user journey

Out of the 7 phases, the last 5 phases were part of the experience to be designed.

Trello is a list making application that was chosen to brainstorm the user journey. Each list on Trello was assigned a phase of the journey. Each card under a list was populated with a scenario / expectation.

Each scenario / expectation (in lowercase) was then appended with opportunities (in uppercase).

A few rounds of discussions to determine the availability of reliable APIs and feasibility of implementation led us to cut down the final set of cards in the experience to a minimum viable product.

User flow

Style Guide

Each card is typically arranged into a heading, a graphic and the relevant description. It follows the style guide as in the card below.


Prateek and his pals are excited about their upcoming holiday and are about to make their first international trip. Prateek has booked a flight from Mumbai to Dubai for him and his four best friends, Allan, Shweta, Anurag and Samantha on the 17th January, 2020 using the Aertrip web app.

Introducing Flight Buddy

On entering the Flight Buddy experience at any given time, Prateek lands on the card most relevant to him at that point of time in the journey

Scrollable Figma Prototype for Flight Buddy

Rating slider

And finally, Prateek can rate us and leave feedback for making Flight Buddy a better experience.

Ratings slider

Further Scope

There are opportunities that can augment the experience apart from what’s currently in the pipeline. The revamp to air travel post the Coronavirus outbreak, has also opened up quite a few opportunities within the experience.

  1. COVID-19 related guidelines and updates : At this juncture when guidelines related to travel are constantly changing resulting in a lot of confusion among travellers, Flight Buddy can become an effective facilitator for communication of updated protocols related to the user’s journey.

2. Empowering power users : Incorporating the “Where’s my flight?” feature for frequent flyers or flight enthusiasts that gives the status and location of your flight at any time or creating custom packing lists have also emerged as interesting requirements for tech-savvy flight-goers.

3. Customised experiences for different user types : Flight Buddy can evolve to generate custom experiences for users based on the level of handholding they might need. This however can only be facilitated after usability evaluation of the current iteration and developing a method to identify different types of users.

4. Fostering business partnerships : And finally, there also are opportunities for paid promotions of online streaming applications like Netflix or Amazon Prime and of lounges or stores within airports.

With advancements in the infrastructure and policies surrounding air travel, Flight Buddy is a feature that can evolve to educate and be a helping hand to flight-goers.

Thank you for your time! I’d love to hear your feedback.



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